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Bohemian Art Tours

Creating Art Adventures in Cool Places

Bohemian Art Tours takes the painting party concept outside to cool locations, like beaches, mountains, rural countrysides and historic places. Everything is provided to create your masterpiece and all skill levels are welcome. Small groups (2-10 people) are guided step-by-step as they paint along with Artist Sharon Dean. The indoor painting party is still an option! Bohemian Art Tours will gladly come to you (or find a suitable location) and design a custom painting for your party, at no additional cost. Gather 10 or more and the host paints for free! All supplies are included. 

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About Us

An Art Tourist

Bohemian Art Tours began in February 2020 by artist Sharon Dean. After working for decades as an educator, Dean began her dream of being a full-time visual artist in 2014. She toured and vended as a live visual artist at music and art festivals around Ohio and beyond. Her paintings hang in collections across the county and abroad, often in personal and sacred spaces. For years, Dean owned and operated Mystic Sister Studio in downtown Zanesville, Ohio. Bohemian Art Tours is the culmination of Dean’s love and passions: Art, Teaching, and Travel, all with a Bohemian flare and twist. She is excited to ignite these passions in those who choose to adventure!

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Magical Art Adventures

Socially Unconventional in an Artistic Way

Bohemian Art Tours provides a unique and authentic way to experience the beauty around US by leading small groups on painting adventures. Whether on location outdoors or inside with larger groups doing themed paint-alongs, BAT is dedicated to making sure everyone leaves with a smile and is happy with what they created. Participants are provided the highest quality materials and supplies to create their very own artwork on a gallery-wrapped pre-stretched canvas. BAT’s highly qualified artist instructor has over 40 years painting experience and 20 years teaching experience and gladly assists patrons to achieve their desired effect. Personal expression is valued and highly encouraged. 
Bohemian Art Tours seeks to provide you with a memorable, fun, exciting  art-making adventure!

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Our Artistic Values

Nature and Art make Happy Hearts

We believe every person has an artist inside eager to get out, and choosing that special space to create should inspire and support their creative process. We also understand how important it is for the place to have just the right environment, and that is what we strive to provide the most encouraging experience to enhance your artistic journey. If you’re looking for a fresh and inspiring way to create, have fun with friends while making new ones, and visit cool places while doing so, sign up for your next art adventure with Bohemian Art Tours!

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Our Classes

All Skill Levels Welcome

We offer various painting opportunities available for all levels. Now is the perfect time to get started! Learn more about our classes below to find one that fits what you’re looking for.

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The Host with the Most

A Party with a Twist

You choose the place and we come to you! We set up, clean up, and provide all the supplies and tools for each of your guests to create their version of the painting chosen. The Host gets to decide the theme of the painting and paints for FREE with 10 or more paying guests. 


Art Tours

Refresh, Renew, Reconnect

Get outside and embrace nature in a fresh and artistic way! View the beauty before you and capture it in a painting you create yourself. Don’t worry, our talented and encouraging art instructor is there to help guide you through your art adventure. Whether it be on a beach, a mountain, a quaint rural countryside, or at a fascinating historic site, you are sure to experience the landscape authentically and have a lovely memento to remember it by. Small groups of 2-10 will have the opportunity to gather at specific sites for painting. All supplies, materials, and tools will be provided for each participant to create their own 16x20” acrylic canvas painting. Transportation is not provided. Any site specific issues will be addressed in each session description. 


Cyber-World Paint-Alongs

Home is where the Art is 

Perfect for those who are unable to attend in person and prefer to paint at home, these Cyber-World Paint-Alongs are just the ticket! Order, watch, and paint along at your convenience with artist Sharon Dean as she brings the art adventure into your personal device. All the supplies will be listed prior to the session for the participant to provide for themselves, allowing them the freedom to mix and match at will. 


Private Painting Lessons

One on One

Artist Sharon Dean offers personal, one-on-one, painting instruction for a limited number of students each year. Areas of study and focus will be decided upon with each student and will be tailored to meet their individual needs. Packages are based on the number of sessions. A list of supplies will be prepared and can be purchased for an additional cost. 

We’ve got new classes all the time. Call us for more information.

Bohemian Art Tours

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